​​​There's No Place Like (Your) Home.

you want to spend the day with an artist creating something unique and meaningful to you
you need to memorialize your magical summer getaway…because winter is coming
your home is 400 square-feet in a basement or 5000 square-feet atop Central Park
you just applied the final coat of paint in the nursery for the baby on the way
you are moving out of a cherished space or moving in to make a fresh start
you and your special someone are taking the big step of cohabitation
you are an urban dweller, suburbanite, or rural recluse
you are living the single life or with a family of five
you are an accumulator (like me) or a minimalist
your parents are selling your childhood home
you are looking for the ideal gift for an art lover!

AI(Y)R is perfect for you if...