Historically, my art has revolved around domestic settings.  Most often, out of necessity and convenience, that setting has been my own home, of which there have been many over the years.  I tend to gravitate to worn, or more precisely, "lived-in" subject matter.  My work is characterized by the unpredictability and distinction of places and things that have long since entered private space from their commercial origins - when they have become personal, defined by, and sometimes invisible, to those who live amongst them. See more of my work at www.joshmillis.com.

AI(Y)R is an opportunity for me to continue developing the themes and subject matter I am most interested in, while simultaneously offering others engagement and insight into the artistic process and a lasting collection of art embedded with personal meaning.

Painting by one's lonesome can feel isolating at times.  So, i have spent the last 14 years teaching art to students of all ages.  In New York, I have taught for Pratt Institute, the Queens Museum, Studio In A School, and beyond.  I am enthusiastic about making art and facilitating the experience for others.

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